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iYoga teachers are fully trained within the Iyengar method and hold the internationally recognised Iyengar Certification Mark. They bring to their teaching a wealth of experience and complementary knowledge.

About Us

About iYoga

We support the full range of classes from Introductory level, through beginner and into Intermediate level tuition.

Iyengar yoga is for everyone – of all ages and abilities. The method is both physically and, at times mentally demanding. Students are expected to perform to their maximum ability and teachers will constantly raise standards to challenge students further.

We do hope you will enjoy and benefit from the iYoga experience.


“The iYoga online classes are brilliant. All of the teachers are hugely experienced and give really good, clear instruction. They put a lot of effort into each class, varying the content in each one and focusing on making sure each person gets the most out of it. As someone who struggled to get to the physical studio once a week I am delighted to be able to do two to three classes a week online with iYoga. It's made a huge difference to my yoga practice and really helped me to stay sane during lockdown!”
"My yoga class transforms me from a sleepy working zombie into an energised alert and stretched out human again - and the feeling lasts all week.”
- Ciaron
"As part of my preparation for a half-marathon in April I attended the sports class. It's very important to stretch and to stretch properly in order to avoid injury and run well. I find that the class is an ideal place to learn and practice this very important aspect of training."
"Yoga Plus was one of the best things I have ever done for my yoga practice. The course was both challenging and fun and the teachers were wonderful. Despite not being particularly flexible, I was given great tips to get into poses I usually find difficult. The teachers were all very patient and so knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in gaining a greater understanding of yoga."
Yoga Plus Course – Claire
"I didn't have any back pain through my entire pregnancy and I put it down to the fantastic workout that I got every week with the Iyengar Yoga Centre. Of all the iyengar classes I've been to I would definitely rate theirs as the best. Not only was it well taught and perfectly paced, it was also a very friendly environment and I looked forward to the chat before the class just as much as the yoga."