“The iYoga online classes are brilliant. All of the teachers are hugely experienced and give really good, clear instruction. They put a lot of effort into each class, varying the content in each one and focusing on making sure each person gets the most out of  it. As someone who struggled to get to the physical studio once a week I am delighted to be able to do two to three classes a week online with iYoga. It’s made a huge difference to my yoga practice and really helped me to stay sane during lockdown!”

– Cathy

“My yoga class transforms me from a sleepy working zombie into an energised alert and stretched out human again – and the feeling lasts all week.

The teachers are all really good at helping and working with the individual bodies in front of them, and somehow manage to combine making you work hard with being realistic about postures you can’t quite manage – yet!.”

– Ciaron

“I didn’t have any back pain through my entire pregnancy and I put it down to the fantastic workout that I got every week with the Iyengar Yoga Centre. Of all the iyengar classes I’ve been to I would definitely rate theirs as the best. Not only was it well taught and perfectly paced, it was also a very friendly environment and I looked forward to the chat before the class just as much as the yoga.”

– Elaine

“Yoga clears my head, reduces my stress and makes me feel good. My body is stronger and more flexible.
“The standard of teaching in IYC is excellent – the teachers give great instruction, are very encouraging and push me when I need it! I feel that my yoga practice has really improved in the year that I have been attending classes at IYC.”

– Cathy

“Imagine my delight of finding the Iyengar yoga centre so close to my home, following a couple of years of self practise and overseas classes during work trips! Upon entering, I found the centre tranquil, friendly and welcoming. I have taken part in foundation, beginners and weekend workshop classes. I found the teachers easy to understand and most accepting of all levels of ability, easily adjusting instruction to enable all participants to work to their individual level. During the class, there is very much a sense of participation, no feeling of favouritism for the better, more experienced students and encouragement for all.
“I love the sense of calm and uplift I feel following a class and the familiar tight feeling in my muscles the following day. Even though I practise at home every day, nothing compares to instruction where the teacher challenges.”

– Adrienne

“Margaret is a great teacher. She encourages everyone to get the best from their own individual bodies in a way that’s pleasurable and rewarding. I find that by the end of each class I always have a lovely full balance between being relaxed on the one hand, and being topped up with energy on the other. Another remarkable quality she has is the ability to instantly come up with variations on the asanas to suit every challenge from sprains to all other sorts of injuries and complaints. Margaret’s knowledge of yoga is obviously vast, but what’s really impressive is her constant ability to access it so effortlessly and fluently and her ever willingness to share it.”

– Niall

“As part of my preparation for a half-marathon in April I attended the sports class. It’s very important to stretch and to stretch properly in order to avoid injury and run well. I find that the class is an ideal place to learn and practice this very important aspect of training.”

– John

“I did the yoga plus course in 2013 and I found it very helpful. I had been practising Iyengar yoga for a while and felt I needed some clarity. I had read books, attended weekly classes and had begun a home practice but still felt I was lacking direction. Yoga plus breathed some structure into my practice. I learnt a lot that I would not have found through my own endeavour. Besides tips and pointers yoga plus also took the mystery out of Pranayama and made accessible and interesting aspects of yoga that I had never considered. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone setting out on the path of iyengar yoga.”

– Yoga plus course – Tony

“Doing the Yoga Plus course was really good fun, energising and inspiring!
The instructors were all extremely supportive and encouraging.
I would highly recommend it.”

– Yoga plus course – Jane

“Yoga Plus was one of the best things I have ever done for my yoga practice. The course was both challenging and fun and the teachers were wonderful. Despite not being particularly flexible, I was given great tips to get into poses I usually find difficult. The teachers were all very patient and so knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in gaining a greater understanding of yoga.”

– Yoga plus course – Claire

“I recognised the clarity and precision of Iyengar yoga as being extremely helpful and decided to commit to the yoga plus course in order to develop my practice. It was challenging but it was also a pleasure and a privilege.
Information was delivered in a careful and constructive manner and there was enough time to observe the body and the breath within the asana.
My perception of my own movement deepened significantly over the year and I took away a more focused and practical rationale.
iyoga is a special space with fantastic teachers and a very intelligent teaching method and I would recommend the yoga plus course to anyone picking their way along the yoga path.”

– Yoga plus course – Julie

“Yoga Plus course helped me to understand yoga better. My practice deepened as well as my knowledge of the Sanskrit language. The classes were well connected, all were very professional. I am grateful I was part of this group.”

– Yoga plus course – Orsi