Janice Dack

Janice first started to practice yoga many years ago but with more enthusiasm since attending classes at Iyoga in 2007. In an effort to take her yoga to another level Janice decided to study for the 2 year Teacher Training programme at Iyoga with Eileen Cameron and Margaret Cashman and she successfully completed this course and obtained her teaching certificate in October 2012. Janice continues to develop her personal practice daily and this equips her to pursue her other sporting activities as well as a busy career. Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and safety and students are encouraged to work in accordance with your own ability. The benefits of physical and mental relaxation as well as being energised after yoga practice is carried through to other daily activities. Janice attends regular yoga classes and Iyengar yoga workshops with visiting teachers from India and the UK to deepen and develop her personal practice. Janice now holds an intermediate junior level 2 teaching certificate.

Janice's Classes

No classes listed at this time