Sorcha Carroll

Sorcha’s first exposure to yoga was as a child watching her mother’s morning Hatha practice, but it was only when she started studying Iyengar yoga in Sligo in 2001 with Helen Gillan that her interest became more serious. She spent two years training as a teacher with Senior practitioner Pen Reed, qualifying as a teacher in 2004, and finished her Intermediate Junior III qualification in March 2012. Sorcha has tried other schools of yoga but find Iyengar’s method the most fulfilling and inspiring for her. His emphasis on precision and alignment in each posture builds strength, flexibility, stamina and improves both mental and physical balance. She is continuing with her studies many senior UK Iyengar teachers and also has also studied under Christian Pisano, June Whittaker and Jawahar, and Sorcha was especially privileged to attend Geeta Iyengar’s week long intensive at the UK Iyengar Convention in 2009.

Sorcha's Classes

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